John McMartin, ‘Sweet Charity’ Star, Dies at 86

John McMartin, star of both the Broadway production and Hollywood movie of “Sweet Charity,” died from cancer on Wednesday, July 6th at age 86.

John McMartin, ‘Sweet Charity’ Star, Dies at 86 (New York Times, by William Grimes)

He made his first big splash on Broadway in 1966 opposite Gwen Verdon in Mr. Fosse’s “Sweet Charity.” As the claustrophobic Oscar Lindquist, he quailed in a broken elevator while Ms. Verdon bucked up his spirits with “I’m the Bravest Individual,” handling the tough assignment of playing Mr. Nice Guy to a bundle of emotional dynamite. At Mr. Fosse’s invitation, he traveled to Hollywood to repeat the role opposite Shirley MacLaine in the movie version in 1969.