Bob Fosse NY Post “Lyceum’s got Fosse’s ghost” by Cindy Adams, 2015

CindyAdamsFosseGhostLyceum’s got Fosse’s ghost

by Cindy Adams as published New York Post, Monday, April 6, 2015 page 14

The Great White Way’s attracting great white visitors.

The Lyceum, oldest continuous B’way house, seems to have a ghost. It inhabits the upper balcony’s cheap seats. (I mean, if there’s anything I hate it’s an other world specter who’s a cheapo.)CindyAdams

This thing visits during musical numbers of the current show, “The Visit.” Strange sounds from above. Like over the catwalk. Actors smell cigarette smoke.

The backstage crew thinks it’s the spirit of Bob Fosse, who was close to Chita Rivera. He choreographed and directed her. Plus co-star Roger Rees, whom he cast in the film “Star 80.” Plus he was in the life of Chita’s standby Donna McKechnie. Plus he worked with its composer John Kander. Plus Fosse’s Emmy-winning “Liza With a Z” for TV? Filmed in the Lyceum.

Rees: “Bob Fosse told me he loved going to the back of the balcony to look at the stage from the top of the theater.”

Backstage pros mutter: “This is so Fosse.”

The Lyceum, rife with bygone days, houses the Shubert Archive.

Per the staffers: “The dude is still hanging out up there. Still smoking.”

FosseGhostNYPostNew York Post, Monday, April 6, 2015 page 14