Block Buster Day at Fosse Master Class Series 2013



All this week the Fosse Master Class Series is taking on learning The Frug from Bob Fosse’s Sweet Charity at Manhattan Movement and Art….Today the morning session was graced with Fosse veterans Carolyn Kirsch and Penny Worth sitting in on the class.  Just next door Donna McKecknie, Baayork Lee, and Margo Sappington were filming their signature number from Promises Promises…Turkey Lurky Time.  All three ladies stopped by class for a quick run through of what Lloyd Culbreath and Valarie Pettiford had taught the “Fosse Kids” so far.  Just another day of Broadway legends…..OMG!!!!!

Chita Tribute for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS……OFF THE CHAIN 2013



I am still reeling from the shear force of talent known as Chita Rivera ..Tonight was one of those nights in theater that are too far and few between….Chita’s tribute to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS was OFF THE CHAIN YA”LL…So great to be with Valarie PettifordDana MooreMary Callahan, and Roumel Reaux representing The Verdon Fosse Estate …..loved sitting next to Andrea Burns while watching my West Side Story buddies Robert Montano, Ramon Del Barrio, and Richard Amaro, and Fosse Master Class teacher Lloyd Culbreath back up Chita….oh yes I’m dropping names…saw John Sefakis, Harvey Evans, Jim Caruso,Kevin Spirtas, Charles Scatamocchia, divalish Carol Schuberg, Jerry McIntyre….and ….Fosse Master Class participants Gabriela Garcia of R.Evolucion Latina, Olivia Bowman Jackson, and Abdur-Rahim Jackson.

In the words of Dana Moore..”it was such a magnificent, once in a lifetime, spirit lifting event!”

Steve Jones, Fosse Master Class Series, Assistant to Nicole Fosse

Great highlights video of the evening below.  At the 1:58 mark Chita pays tribute to Gwen Verdon while singing “Nowadays” from the Broadway musical Chicago.


Members of March Master Class 2013

Nearly seventy talented dancers attended our March master class at the Manhattan Movement Arts Center.  Students learned three Fosse trios that were originally choreographed as a gift for his wife, Gwen Verdon, after she gave birth to their daughter, Nicole.

Besides the amazing instruction by Lloyd Culbreath, Valarie Pettiford, and Nicole Fosse, a few other special guests popped into the studio this week: Fosse veterans, Pamela Sousa and Dana Moore, and acclaimed Broadway producer, Barry Weissler.

Thank you to the hard-working dancers who were filmed for our archival footage (pictured above).

Check back for an update on our next master class which will be held during the last week of April!

Fosse Master Classes: Take 2


Christopher R. Kirby, Elizabeth Parkinson and Desmond Richardson in “Cool Hand Luke” from the 1968 Bob Hope Special

Veteran Fosse dancers, Lloyd Culbreath and Valarie Pettiford, are heading back into the studio for the second set of Fosse workshops.  After the success of the first Master Class in February, Culbreath and Pettiford are excited to restage some of Fosse’s lesser-known works on the younger generation of dancers.

The Master Class will be held at New York City’s Manhattan Movement Arts Center on March 18-21, 2013.  50 invited professional dancers will learn three trios of Bob Fosse choreography that were created specifically for Gwen Verdon: “Mexican Breakfast,” “Tijuana Shuffle,” and “Cool Hand Luke.”

In her interview with, Pettiford noted, “We’re trying to find those gems that people haven’t seen in a while.  We want to sort of rediscover and connect with those works…for preservation because there is no archival of those shows.  We want to keep those amazing works alive for future generations.”

Why “” ?

Personal stationery top center titled “Verdon – Fosse” and below reading longhand in ink “Thank you Gwen” 

After receiving Bob Fosse’s estate, all official documents came to Gwen Verdon titled “Verdon – Fosse.” Additionly we are paying homage to her own personlized stationery. See above.

“Gwen Verdon: too hot for Hollywood?” Tempo News, 1955

“She’s everything the undesirable made absolutely and forever desirable.”

An overview photograph of “Gwen Verdon: too hot for Hollywood?” news article appearing in “Tempo News.” Tempo or “Quick News” was a weekly supermarket check-out magazine aimed towards the suburban American housewife market of the 1950s. Measuring 4 x 5 3/4 inches.

This particular Tempo News issue was published “July 18, 1955.”

Brian's property Article captions reading in-part: Continue reading

Gwen Verdon’s personal performace scrapbook, 1950s

Pictured above housed within an archival paper storage box clearly side labeled “Fosse Verdon Archives” is dancer Gwen Verdon’s personal scrapbook, about 40 detached pages dating from the 1940s to early 1960s with the majority of clippings and content dating from the 1950s. Most pages are double sided and overall contain hundreds of photographs and newspaper clippings spanning three of her five decade or half-a-century career in the American performing arts.

Three interior affixed scrapbook newspaper clippings read: “Small World By Douglas Watt, Show People,  Continue reading

Bob Fosse’s Chicago rare press photo after musician strike, 1975

Pictured above an image of “ticket-seekers” line formed outside of the 46th Street Theatre. Having the marque top billing centered reading “Gwen Verdon Chita Rivera Jerry Orbach, Chicago, A Musical Vaudeville” also reading Continue reading

Gwen Verdon’s “Living Legend” medallion Library of Congress, 2000

Cast bronze circular medallion reading “Living Legend” first bestowed in April of 2000 to Gwen Verdon from the “Library of Congress” during its bicentennial celebration, having a fabric red, white, and blue neck ribbon. Housed within a custom-made mahogany square wooden box with dark blue felt interior lining.

Established during its bicentennial celebration in 2000, the Library of Congress’ “Living Legend” award is selected by Continue reading