Bob Fosse Collapsible Top Hat Used for Sweet Charity

4AVFDance wardrobe material from the Verdon Fosse Legacy archives, a black sateen collapsible top hat with grosgrain band and brim detail. Having traditional curl or rounded brim. Satin fabric lined interior is marked by hand in white marker reading Written in white ink is the name “Jack Silver.” Half of grosgrain brim edge stitching is broken or unraveled. Lining is separating from body and part of collapsing mechanism shows through small tears. No maker’s mark or size label. Shows signs of significant wear. Used in rehearsal and filming of “Sweet Charity” with Shirley MacLaine.

4BVFUnderside view of black sateen collapsible top hat brim measuring about 2 inches wide.

4CVFInterior overview image with “Jack Silver” interior white painted center.

4DVFCollapsed black sateen top hat overview image.