Fosse Master Classes: Take 2


Christopher R. Kirby, Elizabeth Parkinson and Desmond Richardson in “Cool Hand Luke” from the 1968 Bob Hope Special

Veteran Fosse dancers, Lloyd Culbreath and Valarie Pettiford, are heading back into the studio for the second set of Fosse workshops.  After the success of the first Master Class in February, Culbreath and Pettiford are excited to restage some of Fosse’s lesser-known works on the younger generation of dancers.

The Master Class will be held at New York City’s Manhattan Movement Arts Center on March 18-21, 2013.  50 invited professional dancers will learn three trios of Bob Fosse choreography that were created specifically for Gwen Verdon: “Mexican Breakfast,” “Tijuana Shuffle,” and “Cool Hand Luke.”

In her interview with, Pettiford noted, “We’re trying to find those gems that people haven’t seen in a while.  We want to sort of rediscover and connect with those works…for preservation because there is no archival of those shows.  We want to keep those amazing works alive for future generations.”