Gwen Verdon “She’s a Sweetheart!” Sweet Charity, 1967

Pictured is Gwen Verdon backstage as Charity Hope Valentine during the original Broadway “musical smash” hit Sweet Charity conceived, staged and choreographed by Bob Fosse at the Palace Theatre. Charity is showing a brassiere shoulder strap and wearing a light colored terry cloth robe with noted Broadway Stage Manager Paul Phillips in foreground. The provided 1967 news-wire corresponding press caption does not use the word tattoo, it is described as a “heart painted on her arm” by Phillips. The top center left shoulder hand painted single arrowed heart reads the name of her no good boyfriend “CHARLIE” appearing in Central Park New York City during Scene One, Act I.

SweetCharityGVMeasuring 8 x 10 inches overall, having corresponding press caption clipping dated “2/12/67” affixed verso reading:

She’s a Sweetheart

Actress Gwen Verdon, who stars in the Broadway version of “Sweet Charity” has a heart painted on her arm by Paul Phillips. Although Valentines Day is Feb. 14, the heart is not a sentiment of the day, but a part of the costume the actress must wear, and have painted on, each night of the performance.

SCGwenPhotoVersoGwen Verdon played the title role of Charity Hope Valentine, a taxi dancer at a dance hall called the “Fan-Dango Ballroom” in Times Square, New York City.

“The Musical Smash at the Palace” Gwen Verdon starring in Sweet Charity, 1966Ticket Advertisement for Sweet Charity 1965Bob Fosse “Sweet Charity” Choreographer Tony Award, 1966

Photo by Brian Christopher Cummings

“Big Spender” Fan-Dango Ballroom Girls, 1966