Gwen Verdon personal performace scrapbook, 1950s

Pictured above housed within an archival paper storage box clearly side labeled “Fosse Verdon Archives” is dancer Gwen Verdon’s personal scrapbook, about 40 detached pages dating from the 1940s to early 1960s with the majority of clippings and content dating from the 1950s. Most pages are double sided and overall contain hundreds of photographs and newspaper clippings spanning three of her five decade or half-a-century career in the American performing arts.

Three interior affixed scrapbook newspaper clippings read: “Small World By Douglas Watt, Show People,  “At 7 P.M. Gwen Verdon was already in her dressing room at the 46th St. Theatre. “I’m here every night this early, she said. “It takes me 15 minutes to make up for “Redhead” and then I exercise for 40 minutes, body and voice.”  The appealing dancer – actress – singer sat down at the dressing table in an unusually attractive backstage quarters provided for her use.  She wore a black leotard and a colorful blouse and her bright strawberry hair shone in the ring of lights around the mirror.”

Walter Winchell of New York,  The Broadway Line,  “Gwenderful Verdon’s contract with “Redhead” (it opened last night) gives her 7 1/2 percent of the profits . .”


N.Y. Post, Magazine page one, 5/13/59, Gwen Verdon star of “Redhead,” first won Broadway’s attention in “Can-Can.” But her first musical role was as a gypsy in the ill-fated musical, “Bonanza Bound,” which closed out-of-town. The producers refused her understudying job for the lead played by Allyn McLerie . . . Miss McLerie, now a mother and happily wed to George Gaynes, is Gwen Verdon’s standby in “Redhead.”

Property belonging to the Fosse Verdon Archives, Library of Congress.