Happy 81st Birthday Shirley MacLaine! Charity Hope Valentine “Sweet Charity” film, 1968

Today we send heartfelt happy birthday wishes to Sweet Charity taxi dancer star and Academy Award winning film actress friend Shirley MacLaine born April 24, 1934.

ShirleyMasterAsSweetCFBShirley MacLaine in title role costume as Charity Hope Valentine starring in Bob Fosses celebrated Hollywood roadshow Technicolor musical film Sweet Charity.  Having left shoulder applied tattoo of single arrowed heart reading the name of her no good boyfriend “CHARLIE”.

GwenVerdonShirleyMaclaineCandid black and white photo of lifelong friends Shirley MacLaine and Gwen Verdon embracing during the 1980s.

ShirleyMasterwFosseFBShirley MacLaine on set during the 1968 filming of Sweet Charity rehearsing the famous dance routine “If My Friends Could See Me Now” with both choreographer Bob Fosse and original stage performer Gwen Verdon.

ShirleyVerdonFimFriendsUniversal Presents Shirley MacLaine

Directed and Choreographed by Broadway’s Brillant BOB FOSSE who creates screen song-and-dance excitement unmatched in any musical ever!

Hey, big spender spend a little time with me!

ShirleyMasterAdvertFosseFBShirleyMasterStandingFBShirley MacLaine in title role full Times Square Fan-Dango Ballroom red dress costume as dance hall hostess taxi dancer Charity Hope Valentine starring in Bob Fosse‘s 1968 celebrated Hollywood roadshow Technicolor musical film Sweet Charity.


ShirleyFBNYNewsNew York News Coloroto Magazine, cover image promotional for Sweet Charity, 1968.