“Bob Fosse Fine Tuned”
LIFE 1986

Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse born June 23, 1927
“Bob Fosse Fine Tuned”BobTunedTVBWWeb

LIFE magazine 1986 as published pages 26 and 27 Volume 9, Number 13

Cabaret, All That Jazz, Pippin, Sweet Charity, Lenny, Star 80, Dancin’, Liza with a Z (for television). Film director, choreographer actor, dancer, writer. Driven. workaholic, enigmatic. He’s uniquely talented. Bob Fosse.

“Dancing is such style that I thought it would be one thing I could bring to movies. Even Lenny, which is not dance is kind of choreographed.”

“Somebody once said the toughest thing in writing a screenplay is the fifth word Act #1 Scene #1, is easy. The next word is a killer.”

“I never had big inspirations. It’s always putting one foot in front of the other. You hear about people getting these brilliant ideas. I just say, I have to go to work.”

“They jumped on Sweet Charity when I tried a lot of quick cuts, which now by MTV standards would be very tame.”

“I really get scared-I’m not talking humble or anything- I get sick every morning when I’m doing a picture. If I don’t get sick, I think uh-oh, I’m getting overconfident.”

“My dreams are the worst, They’re all B-movies.”

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