HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gwen Verdon! “Glamorous Redhead” 1959

Today celebrate with us the birthday of one of America’s brightest stage and screen stars, Gwenyth Evelyn Verdon born January 13, 1925.

Age 34 “Glamorous Redhead Gwen Verdon” Magazine Cover 


“The Theatre, Magazine of Drama, Comedy, Music”

from “January, 1959″ sold for “25 cents”

“Broadway’s Complicated Redhead Gwen Verdon dances like a goddess lives like a recluse and is the sole support of the town’s most popular musical.”


“There is a pink-haired girl called Gwen Verdon who dances and whirls every night through a Broadway musical called Redhead with a genius that makes an audience’s heart stop. This Gwen Verdon, acclaimed as the greatest musical-show artist in the world, has lifted both Redhead and her earlier show Damn Yankees to the classic ranks of unforgettable stage experiences.”

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