Join us in November for “I Gotcha”

Join us for The Verdon Fosse Legacy LLC’s next Master Class November 17th-21st from 10:30am-12:30pm at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. We’ll be reconstructing “I Gotcha” from the Emmy Award-winning “Liza with a Z.” Learn this original repertoire from Fosse veterans Valarie Pettiford (DANCIN’, Big Deal, Chicago, Fosse—Tony nominated) and Lloyd Culbreath (DANCIN’, Sweet Charity, Big Deal). All levels of dance and/or Fosse experience welcome.

Date/Time: November 17th-21st from 10:30am-12:30pm (please arrive warmed up)
Location: Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (248 West 60th Street)
Cost: $120 cash (receipts available)

Please bring a current headshot and resume and prepare the lyrics for “I Gotcha.”

I Gotcha” from “Liza with a Z”
I Gotcha” from Fosse