“REDHEAD” Gwen Verdon’s promotional flyer from the National Theatre, New Years Eve 1958

A single page advertising handbill (flyer) promoting ticket sales for the pre-Broadway tryout of the Dorothy Fields musical comedy “REDHEAD” at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. beginning “December 30th, 1958.” “REDHEAD” was in full production over the 1958 New Years Eve holiday and first two weeks of January in 1959.

“Entire Production Directed and Choreographed by BOB FOSSE”

Advertising handbills (heralds) were distributed or inserted into the playbills of other productions to help generate ticket sales for upcoming shows and events. This single page, two-sided handbill measures 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches and includes a ticket order form with promotional text on the backside reading in-part:

“Gwen Verdon – of the flame-colored hair and sea-green eyes – is back! This is always good news for theatregoers who love musical comedy but prefer their musicals to have a dash of something more.  And Gwen is the one to dish up that extra dash!”

Also present is a ticket price correction for the “Evenings: (Fri. & Sat)” or “$2.20” seats in the “Upper Balc.” the 30 cent price increase is handwritten in green ink “2.50” with print above reading “ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX.”