Julio Bocca: A Tribute To A Dance Legend

On Friday, April 14th San Francisco Ballet dancer, Vitor Luiz, performed “Percussion 4” in honor of Julio Bocca’s celebration gala.  The gala was part of YAGP’s Legends in Dance series. Bocca personally requested that the solo (originally from Bob Fosse’s DANCIN’) be reconstructed for the evening of performances as dancing it (pictured below) in FOSSE on Broadway was one of his career highlights.  Lloyd Culbreath reconstructed “Percussion 4” on Luiz with the help of assistants Marissa Calabrese and Michael McArthur.  It was an incredible evening of dance and celebration.  Congratulations, Julio! 

Join us in November for “I Gotcha”

Join us for The Verdon Fosse Legacy LLC’s next Master Class November 17th-21st from 10:30am-12:30pm at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. We’ll be reconstructing “I Gotcha” from the Emmy Award-winning “Liza with a Z.” Learn this original repertoire from Fosse veterans Valarie Pettiford (DANCIN’, Big Deal, Chicago, Fosse—Tony nominated) and Lloyd Culbreath (DANCIN’, Sweet Charity, Big Deal). All levels of dance and/or Fosse experience welcome. Continue reading